Our offers

Whether on a weekend away or a short trip – allow yourself to enjoy an unforgettable break from the everyday grind. Our attractive offers provide you a welcome experience at any time of the year.

Short time out

starting with EUR 149,00 per person

2 nights - very fast, only short - a little rest and relaxation!

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New Years Eve at the Rebenhof

starting with EUR 549,00 per person

4 nights - Spend relaxing days at the Rebenhof and experience the atmospheric turn of the year in the Baden-Baden vineyard.

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Enjoyable days

starting with EUR 189,00 per person

2 nights - Treat yourself!  Feast | Feel good | Enjoy

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Wine tasters

starting with EUR 189,00 per person

2 nights - For connoisseurs who appreciate good wine, good food and the wonderful nature in Baden-Baden's Rebland!

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Wine tasters XL

starting with EUR 344,00 per person

2 nights - Enjoyable hours with good drops, fine food and entertaining conversations in the vineyards - there is no more authentic way to discover the Baden-Badener Rebland ...

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Time for friends

starting with EUR 158,00 per person

2 nights - Natter, Wellness, shopping und enjoy!

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Hiking Tour in 4 seasons

starting with EUR 154,00 per person

2 nights - Hiking for beginners …

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Hiking Tour in 4 seasons XL

starting with EUR 244,00 per person

3 nights - Hiking for advanced …

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Pure relaxation

starting with EUR 174,00 per person

2 nights - Coming in | breaking | relaxing

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Holidays in Baden – Baden

starting with EUR 334,00 per person

4 nights - Spa time in Baden - Baden, shopping, discovering and do a little "gambling".

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