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Hotel Rebenhof

The vinyards – and along with them the wine, the culture, the cuisine - are all at the centre of our positive way of life in the Rebland region around Baden-Baden and play as important a role in our everyday life as in the many festivals and events in our region.

Dive into the easy-going joie de vivre in the Baden way and enjoy beautiful, relaxing and interesting days at the centre of a beautiful landscape, with magnificent views.

Welcome to Rebenhof!


The Ziegler Family and the team at Rebenhof




Whether on a weekend away or a short trip – allow yourself to enjoy an unforgettable break from the everyday grind…



Our spacious rooms, junior suites and family rooms are all waiting to be discovered by you….



Unwind and let your soul soar. With three different saunas, a steam bath, a cozy relaxation room, and a sunny sunbathing area, we offer everything you could wish for in relaxation....



Make others happy and give away one of our enjoyable vouchers...


The Baden-Baden Rebland

Picturesquely situated: the Baden-Badener-Rebland is shaped by vine yards and the beautiful sorrounding villages. A perfect starting point for numerous activities. What about attending a concert in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden? Have you visited the world-famous casino yet?

The Caracalla-Therme and the Friedrichsbad are tempting torelax. If you are an art enthusiast you should visit the Frieder Burda museum. Straßburg is also worth visiting and its not far away.

For people who are close with nature there are no boundaries. The feel good-effect occurs because of the fresh air, your body will recover while you hike or go for a walk through the wineyards. The best welness is nature itself.